An AppWizard Proposal

Arandir arandir at
Sat Jul 24 04:59:46 UTC 1999

On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, John R. Zedlewski wrote:
> Ok, I have a proposal for adding functionality to the appwizard/source
> framework, and I wanted to know what y'all thought:
> Add a new page after the current first page for "Source Generation Settings." 
> This would allow you to:
> a) change the view of a normal KDE / Qt app or the main widget of a mini-KDE
> app by selecting from a drop-down box: QWidget (default), QSplitter, QDialog
> (probably for mini-KDE only), QMultiLineEdit, etc.  
> b) change the names of the view, doc, and main window classes.  They'd all
> default to their standard names, of course, but this would be added
> customization
> c) possibly choose which libraries to include
> ...snip...
> What does everybody think?  Feel free to flame me. . .
> --JZ

I'm not keen on having tons of pages in wizards, but I like major portions of
your idea. Room could easily be made by combining the headers and sources
template pages into one.

It does sound very similar to the VC++ app wizard, and we should think hard
whether this is the best way to do things.


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