An AppWizard Proposal

John R. Zedlewski zedlwski at
Sat Jul 24 03:30:34 UTC 1999

Ok, I have a proposal for adding functionality to the appwizard/source
framework, and I wanted to know what y'all thought:
Add a new page after the current first page for "Source Generation Settings." 
This would allow you to:
a) change the view of a normal KDE / Qt app or the main widget of a mini-KDE
app by selecting from a drop-down box: QWidget (default), QSplitter, QDialog
(probably for mini-KDE only), QMultiLineEdit, etc.  
b) change the names of the view, doc, and main window classes.  They'd all
default to their standard names, of course, but this would be added
c) possibly choose which libraries to include

Most of the changes to the app template would be quite easy, as long as we
stick to views with the standard constructor (QWidget* parent. . . etc), but it
would be a nice little feature that would make it feel like the user had more
control over the project creation.  

Also, I propose that we change the default name of the KTMainWindow-derived
class from MyClassNameApp to MyClassNameMainWin or something to that effect. 
It's confusing to have both a KApplication and KMyApp in the same project,
especially when the custom class isn't an app at all, only a window.  Of
course, if we add in classname customization, users will really be able to
choose for themselves.  

What does everybody think?  Feel free to flame me. . .

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