Bug in Classparser?

Jonas Nordin jonas.nordin at cenacle.se
Fri Jul 23 07:34:21 UTC 1999

> Compile this file using 'idl' and add the generated C++/H files to an existing
> project. The Global Functions branch (which normally only contains 'main') now
> contains all kinds of functions, which should be listed with the class
> 'someClass*'.
Hmm.. This is a problem. I think or plans for the future is that you should be
able to add the both .idl the C++/H files. Exeption handling-parsing has just
recently been added to the parser and a lot of functions are probably missing.

 > This could raise another problem: how does the classparser handel nested
 > classes? 
Very good I think, at least I hope so. :-). I know some people that have used
KDevelop with nested classes(kdevelop itself uses this).


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