Bug in Classparser?

Sander Verbruggen Sander.Verbruggen at prive.ordina.nl
Tue Jul 20 15:20:33 UTC 1999

Hi All,

When I was working with CORBA (mico), I noticed an error in how KDevelop looks
at the generated C++ files.

When compiling an idl file that uses exceptions, the exceptions are translated
into structures WITHIN the class to which they belong. (btw. these structures
also have constructors/destructors and methods...)
It seems that the class parser (used for the class view) doesn't understand
this contstruction; all member functions for that class which are declared
below the mentioned structure, are displayed in the Global Functions branch
instead of in the class branch.

You can use the following IDL to test this:

interface someClass{
	exception ExSomethingIsWrong{};

	void doSomething() raises (ExSomethingIsWrong);

	void thisShouldNotBeHere();

Compile this file using 'idl' and add the generated C++/H files to an existing
project. The Global Functions branch (which normally only contains 'main') now
contains all kinds of functions, which should be listed with the class

This could raise another problem: how does the classparser handel nested

Greetings to all and keep up this great work!

Sander Verbruggen
Sander.Verbruggen at prive.ordina.nl

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