Intellisense (tm)

Arandir arandir at
Thu Jul 22 02:41:41 UTC 1999

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Alan Prescott wrote:
> Yep, like the sound of anything that stops me doing too much keyboard work.
> I'm no touch typist and I'm always forgetting the exact name of a method or
> the order of the arguments. I'd suggest the best way of handling this sort
> of thing would be via some-sort of plug-in/add-on module to give
> versatility. I mean, the real thing I want  is a hot-sh*t AI coding
> assistant but that would be for the future. Let's start with a simple
> plug-in doing the basic stuff first but allow for future development
> possibly following different concepts. I used to use Multi-Edit with it's
> own cmac-style language but maybe something more lisp-like would be better.

Just as long as such a doohicky doesn't interfer with what the programmer wants
to do - even if it's the *wrong* way. A plug in would be best, so that those
who don't want it "meddling" with their typing don't have to tolerate it.

Coming to KDevelop and Qt from the VC++ world, I have no desire to go back! I
don't want Microsoft telling me that I can't use a label as a view, that I have
to use their indentation style, that I am required to use a their dialog
editor, etc. The future of Linux will be a fusion of Mac/Windows and Unix: ease
of use that won't get in the way of the full power of the computer.


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