some suggestions

Ralf Gerlich Ralf.Gerlich at
Sun Jul 4 07:19:06 UTC 1999


I'm now using the CVS snapshot from 30.06.1999. Great work! Up to now it
runs flawlessly!

I've got some suggestions to add in the classview and in the generation
of member functions and member variables.

What about implementing folders for the CV? I don't mean folders where
to put the classes in but folders in the classes where to put the
functions and variables in. These could be built out of subsequent
member functions and variables in one public, protected or private
block, e.g.

class xyz {
public: // constructors
	xyz(char* text=0);
public: // access functions
	char* getText();
	void setText(char* text=0);
protected: // variables
	char* myText;

Would become

 +xyz(char* text=0)
+access functions
 +setText(char* text=0)

The other way round you could add functions or variables to one of those
folders and the members would be added to the end or the beginning of
the specific block.

I don't know how much information the parser can provide so this is
possible but you'll know best what can be done and what not.

It would be good if the new members weren't always creating a new
public, protected or private block. Also they should be added to the end
of the always existing blocks but that's actually an issue of taste.


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