Need help with KHTMLView

Rajiv Sankranti rajivsan at
Sat Jul 3 18:05:02 BST 1999

I am using KDE 1.1.1 with Qt 1.42 and KDevelop 0.3.1

I am trying to create an application using KHTMLView. In the project
options dialog I checked the box khtmlw in the libraries section as an
additional library. That results in a $(LIB_KHTMLW) being put into the
additonal libraries box.  When I build the project, I get therror:
g++ "@LIB_KHTMLW@: no such file or directory
(I guess this environment variable is not set or something)

So I went back to the project options and replaced the additional
libraries with /opt/kde/lib/ and I got a whole load of
linker errors. Something to do with JSOptions and a lot of other
JS classes. I would have pasted all those messages but KDEvelop does not
allow me to copy to clipboard from the messages dialog. Some bug with
KDevelop I guess.

Could anyone help me out please.

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