Documentation translations

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Thu Jul 1 12:56:11 UTC 1999

Hi all,

you may wonder what happened now that documentation is the topic again,
but this is somehow very serious to avoid any unuseful work.

What happened is that today I got a part of a german translation for the
current 0.4 user manual by mail, but we can't use it for two reasons:

a) it's the HTML files translated directly, so not the sgml file we need
to have translated
b) I already have all and more what he sent me translated into german
and in CVS

Now, for anyone who has missed it:

a) any translation work must be coordinated with Martin Piskernig. 

b) We have arranged that I would do the german translations last week,
but I wouldn't have started it directly if I knew someone who wanted to
do it in a short time to get finished before the end of July. So anyone
who wants to help for the german translation- it's done already


1. always get the current CVS version
2. only translate the sgml master files, NOT the HTML files (never !,
especially not with a Win98/Netscape !)
3. copy the english original master sgml to a local directory
4. copy them again to your languag subdir. those get translated and into
5. after CVS update and I have changed things in the masters, you should
KDiff or whatever to compare the new version with the copy you made in
step 3 and find out the changes made. Then incorporate the changes into
the translated sgml file. (If you have another way to keep track with
sgml-masterfile changes, tell them!) This is very important also for
further versions of KDevelop as the current sgml's will get changed

6. commit translations as soon as possible either directly to CVS or to
Martin to upload them.

7. In ANY case ask Martin (and me if needed) before any work is done
twice !!!;-(


Hope this makes clear that we want to have the work done anyway, but p l
e a s e only once...


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