Moving KDevelop to Release service coverage?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Wed Oct 20 23:32:39 BST 2021

Am Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2021, 00:11:19 CEST schrieb Sven Brauch:
> On 10/20/21 8:22 PM, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> > So, who would be in favour, who would not be in favour?
> I think this is a very good idea, currently there are just small changes
> happening in KDevelop mostly, which is very suitable for a
> slow-and-steady release schedule. If you feel capable of taking care of
> that, amazing :)

And of course release team needs to approve this, though I could not think of 
any reason why KDevelop could not be part of KDE Gear.

Thanks for reply, adding +1 to the list :)

> If the AppImage would be generated automatically as well that would of
> course be very good; do you know what would be required for that? We
> kind of have an automated process which does everything already, or is
> that too clunky?

IIRC Milian has looked into getting binary factory working to also do 
AppImages for KDevelop, but still being in WIP state. He might give more 
details reading this :)
That is principally also orthogonal to the release service/KDE Gear 


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