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Thu Feb 20 07:42:22 GMT 2020

On Sonntag, 16. Februar 2020 19:36:27 CET Daniel Kats wrote:
> Hello,

Hey Daniel, I've put the kdevelop-devel at kde.org mailing list into CC.

> I've noticed that the nightly Windows version is not compiled anymore, and
> there is no way to install the new KDevelop version apart from compiling
> it. Although I never managed to compile it on windows before, I gave it a
> try with the craft and msvc2019 - and it compiled, and seems to be stable
> even on larger projects.

Cool, that's great to hear. I'm not a Windows user, but from [1] I heard that 
apparently KDevelop can now be consumed via chocolatey? Have you tried that?

[1]: https://kde.org/announcements/releases/2020-02-apps-update/

> I like kdevelop very much, and would like to make sure that it keeps
> compiling on Windows, because I use it on Linux and Windows nearly every
> day. I would also be happy to take the responsibility for the official
> installer for Windows, but I would need some help first in actually
> creating one.

That would be very much welcome. I think the first step required here would be 
to get in touch with the kde-on-windows working group [2] and ask them how to 
proceed. Afaik a group of people are working on bringing installers into the 
Windows store. It would be great if you could try to do the same with 

[2]: https://community.kde.org/Windows

> I don't have much of KDE development experience, but I hope my C++
> experience would be enough to fix some things now and then inside of
> kdevelop.

If there's anything to be done within KDevelop, don't hesitate to ask on our 
development mailing list. I for one would really appreciate if someone could 
work on our Windows support.

> BTW, the kdevelop_feedback on your webpage doesn't work giving always
> "CAPTCHA validation error: unknown CAPTCHA session ID. Contact the site
> administrator if this problem persists."

Thanks for the notification, I'll forward that to our sysadmins.


Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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