Changes to the website: Disabling ability to post comments

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Thu Apr 30 09:44:04 BST 2020

Heya guys,

we've been getting enormous amounts of spam from the contact page 
lately, due to the switch from reCAPTCHA to the basic math captch in Drupal 

There are recurring issues with more complex captcha modules in Drupal which 
make it difficult to counter spam there so Milian & me decided to remove the 
contact and (for the same reasons) the ability to post comments on With around 10 spam mails arriving via the contact form, 10-20 
spam comments arriving /per day/ it's simply not possible to review them and, 
needless to say, no fun. I just simply rm'd around 1100 Unapproved Comments in 
Drupal (est. 95%-100% were clearly spam)...

So I'd recommend for new KDevelop release posts to just state sth like this at 
the end of the post from now on:
  "If you have any remarks or in case you find any issues in KDevelop, please 
let us [know]("

Users are then encouraged to post to the KDevelop mailing list, forums or bug 
tracker instead, where it's easier to counter spam.

Hope you understand.



Kevin Funk | kfunk at |
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