New release coordinator wanted for KDevelop 5.5

Juraj Oravec sgd.orava at
Thu Nov 21 17:31:54 GMT 2019

> So if you, dear (even if only aspiring) contributor, ever have
> considered to step up and take some responsibility where it is needed,
> this is now when :)
> Poke the official KDevelop maintainers while they are around ;)

Hello, I would like to help in this aspect.

My experience with doing releases is essentially 0 (read zero).
So I would need some introduction and bit of help first.

I think of me as last option in this case but it seems there is nobody 
Else willing and waiting any longer would also be fruitless.

So where should I sign up or who should I bother to get me some 
introduction and bit of help at the beginning?

My machine is a bit slow so I hope I do not need to do too extensive 
operations (like building KDevelop x times) locally.

Best regards.
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