KDevCustomMakeManager not finding make targets in autotools project

santilin software at noviolento.es
Thu May 16 18:28:17 BST 2019

Hi list,

all of my C++ projects are configured using autotools. Some time ago, I 
could debug them using a bit of hacking, but now I can no longer debug them.

One of the main visible problems is that the project manager can not 
find the make targets.

First of all, I wonder if any of the project managers of kdevelop is 
specifically designed to work with autotools. I have found these ones:

KDevCustomMakeManager => CustomMakefile Project Manager

Compiles but can't find make targets

KDevGenericManager => Generic Project Manager

Can not compile, nor finds make targets

KDevProjectManager => Make Project Manager

Could not load project management plugin KDevProjectManager.

¿Is there a KDevProjectManager plugin or is not that the manager name to 
set in my .kdev4 file?



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