FYI: please file review requests on gitlab now

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Jan 28 11:12:52 GMT 2019

>I do this all the time with KDE, Qt and commercial projects I work on. This is 
>not a special workflow at all, quite the contrary - it's the norm!

Hmmm, I might reconsider if someone paid me big(gish) bucks for doing this kind of thing.

For tip-of-the-iceberg reference: my patchfile repositories for the KF5 frameworks and KDevelop:

The KF5 packaging effort could easily be a fulltime job in itself, and will always need patchfiles which will never be upstreamed for a variety of reasons. Maintaining dedicated branches for all of them is just going to add overhead to what I already have to do in order to maintain them, overhead that requires time and energy I simply no longer have. In addition we are talking here about adding remotes which also have to be kept up-to-date.

That doesn't mean I don't already do things this way for a select few patches in ditto projects, but in practice I will end up contributing less if the possibility to upload a patch for review from KDevelop disappears.

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