D18224: Clang Plugin: Report some problems from included files

Thomas Schöps noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jan 20 21:07:32 GMT 2019

thomassc added a comment.

  I moved the code into helper functions and added an initial version of the tests. The tests for having the function and the call in the same file, and for having a chain of template functions in the same file include QEXPECT_FAIL(). In principle it would be easy to generate additional problems for these cases, but then a single actual problem would be represented by multiple problems in the same file. Maybe it would be cleaner to make a single problem have multiple ranges.
  > Could this be a result of the "don't reparse if file didn't change" logic? I can believe that there are issues left that result in inconsistencies, when only a header was changed, or only an include file... Anyhow, I hope that's unrelated to this patch?
  Yes, that should be unrelated to this patch, it will only become more noticeable.
  Unfortunately, upon more testing, I noticed that some of the existing tests in the clang plugin's test_duchain.cpp become very flaky with this patch. This does not seem to be caused by the actual behavior change of the patch, but by the addition of the new test(s). I'll resume debugging and address Pino's comments later when I'll have more time again.

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