D15797: [kdev-clazy] : use canonical paths

Milian Wolff noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jan 15 13:40:58 GMT 2019

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> jobparameters.cpp:168
> -        if (m_checkPath == projectRootPath) {
> +        if (m_checkPath == projectRootPath || canonicalPathToCheck == projectCanonicalRootPath) {
>              m_sources = allFiles;

you can remove the previous check, since the second necessarily has to include it

> jobparameters.cpp:175
>                          m_sources.clear();
> +                        // handle this separately so users don't see a filename they might not be expecting to see.
>                          m_sources += m_checkPath;

we don't do this anywhere else - I'd suggest you always operate on canonical paths

note that you may want to pretty print paths before showing them to the user anyways. there's a function somewhere (Project?) that takes a path and turns it into a relative-to-project-root string ready for consumption by the user

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