D18229: Contextbrowser: Ability to show combined problems and decl tooltip

René J.V. Bertin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Feb 25 14:24:43 GMT 2019

rjvbb added a comment.

  > Even in your screenshot it looks fine to me.
  Well, in the last screenshot the popup is too large in a functional sense (screen junk) and thus gets in the way more than necessary, but not in an absolute sense, indeed. I haven't created a single example where that is the case, in part because that means I have to revert my patch ;)
  > Since as written before, it can be very easily hidden if desired (e.g. just by clicking in the editor text area).
  I have a very strong impression that popups can also be triggered if the cursor is moved while editing text. I do NOT want to have to stop my typing in that case, nor should I have to hit Esc. ... and I might be looking at my keyboard because entering a sequence of characters I cannot type blind reliably.
  Which reminds me that maybe there is (or should be) a mode where the cursor is hidden while typing which also deactivates all popups except the code completion ones (which very often get in the way too).

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