D18229: Contextbrowser: Ability to show combined problems and decl tooltip

Thomas Schöps noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Feb 23 15:36:50 GMT 2019

thomassc added a comment.

  There can be scrollbars in problem reports, see the attached screenshot:
  F6631572: problem_tooltip_with_scrollbar.png <https://phabricator.kde.org/F6631572>
  Both popups aren't shown everywhere on the line. The declaration tooltip is only shown if hovering over the respective range. The problem tooltip (on its own) is also shown if the problem is close-by, see findProblemsCloseToCursor() (where I'm not sure whether this region is maybe a bit too large: I think that sometimes this tooltip actually gets in the way accidentally due to this).
  > I find that instinctively I "fish" for problem popups on the leading and (esp.) trailing empty parts of a line, probably from a reflex to keep the entire code part unobscured by the popup?
  For me it is exactly the opposite. I hover the range that is underlined red, because this is where KDevelop marks the problem. I cannot recall having any concerns about code being obscured then (because one can always move the pointer away to have the tooltip disappear, and the tooltip shows up sufficiently far away from the current line). In my opinion, I would actually consider not showing the problem tooltip when hovering anywhere else on the line, because this is where the tooltip is unexpected (since the red marking is somewhere else) and thus it actually gets in the way for me then accidentally. I like Sven's suggestion from the bugreport you linked about an exclamation mark somewhere on the line that can be hovered. I think this would be a good visual indication, instead of simply empty space that happens to be on the same line as a problem.

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