How to see that a file is modified?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Aug 19 14:27:37 BST 2019

Hi Erik,

(( you reached the developer mailinglist, please directly use the user support 
mailinglist next time again for such questions: ))

Moving over to that list now with the reply:

Am Mittwoch, 7. August 2019, 19:25:30 CEST schrieb Erik Rull:
> I'm using kdevelop 5.2.1 on kubuntu 18.04.
> I'm happy so far beside one real tradeoff compared to earlier versions: I
> don't see anywhere that a file got modified and needs to be saved! In older
> versions there was a symbol in front of the filename in the tab that showed
> up the not yet saved modification and IIRC there was an asterisk beside the
> filename in the title bar.

At least in KDevelop 5.4.1 and master the state is still represented by a 
symbol on the tab. The code is still there and has not seen any changes by 
what I saw on a quick change. No idea if this was broken in previous versions.

What Qt widget style do you use? Some styles do not paint icons for menus, 
perhaps some also do the same for tabs.

Or are you using a icon set theme which does not have icons for "document-

The asterisk on the title bar is also missing for me with those latest 
versions. So there we seem to have a regression. Please help us by filing a 
bug to track this.

> How can I reactivate that feature? I went through multiple config dialogs
> without real success. Maybe I just didn't see the settings.

I am not aware of a setting, the code I have seen does set the tab icon 


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