D15532: kdev-astyle : improved ObjC support

René J.V. Bertin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Sep 20 10:52:35 BST 2018

rjvbb marked 11 inline comments as done.
rjvbb added inline comments.


> pino wrote in astyle_plugin.cpp:36
> `static const char foo[] = "..."`, which is more efficient (makes the whole string const)

And there I was thinking the days were gone where foo[] and *foo were ever so subtly different... :)

> kossebau wrote in astyle_plugin.cpp:284
> What about "ObjC" -> "Objective-C"? That is the id also used for X-KDevelop-Languages, would be good to be consistent.
> Also is this the string currently used for display, so not using an abbreviation might be better.

Thanks, that's a nice reminder there a few more places where changes are required and for which I have D15530 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D15530> up!

> kossebau wrote in astyle_plugin.cpp:327
> While adding this line, already add a space between if and (.

I take it you meant fixing the whitespace for the entire method(?)

> kfunk wrote in astyle_plugin.cpp:377
> No `break;` needed after return.

I know, I always add them anyway in my own code (just like I always add a default: with a break). Saves headscratching later on when you refactor and miss a missing break...

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