KDevelop 5.3 and other releases (avail for final 5.2.4 release work)

Sven Brauch mail at svenbrauch.de
Wed Aug 15 19:40:12 BST 2018

On Wednesday, 15 August 2018 16:57:21 CEST Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> While I do not know any urgent things, I still would like us to do a final
> 5.2.4, picking up any last work that had been done on the branch (especially
> when it comes to translations improved/added since then, given a few
> missing catalogs even were added).

Ok, if you think that is worth it, I can upload 5.2.4 tarballs on the weekend. 
I will also upload all binaries which we can easily get from our CI, and if we 
can get all of them we can write an announcement ;)

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