incorporating project filters into abstractfilemanagerimportbenchmark

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Oct 31 10:21:31 UTC 2017


Is it possible to tap into the project filter mechanism from within a kdevplatform/project unittest? I'd be surprised (read: peeved) if it weren't but get only halfway. In the test (my recent abstractfilemanagerimportbenchmark.cpp addition) I do

    auto core = TestCore::initialize(Core::NoUi);
    const auto plugins = core->pluginController()->queryExtensionPlugins(QStringLiteral("org.kdevelop.IProjectFilter"));
    qInfo() << "Plugins for IProjectFilter:" << plugins.size();
    foreach (const auto p, plugins) {
        qInfo() << "plugin" << << "file" << p.fileName();

which gives me

Plugins for IProjectFilter: 1
plugin "Project Filter" file "/opt/local/share/qt5/plugins/kdevplatform/30/" Unable to find a plugin named ' "Project Filter" '!

That seems contradictory. Is this an inappropriately worded failure message hiding an actual reason like "this plugin has KDevelop-Mode:GUI and there is no GUI"?


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