D7930: Kdevelop CMake plugin : use canonical paths to build.dir

Milian Wolff noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Oct 9 20:43:19 UTC 2017

mwolff added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D7930#153476, @rjvbb wrote:
  > >   The test should replicate the situation and show it fail before this patch and then work with this patch. Why is this not possible to do?
  > This would mean one would have to write a test that
  > - sets up full-blown KDevelop session containing a project that's known to fail under the conditions to test and configure it for those conditions (meaning kdevelop itself)
  > - launch the session
  > - detect if parsing fails
  No, that is not true. You only need to set up some folder structure with symlinks similar to what you have. Then you can load it into the cmake manager and then verify that all paths are "correct", i.e. canonicalized if that is what we want.

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