D8158: KDevelop: decorate patch version string in development builds

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Fri Oct 6 17:01:37 UTC 2017

kfunk added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D8158#152647, @rjvbb wrote:
  > > Does drkonqui still automatically select the right version in Bugzilla if we do this ...? (It does that, right?)
  > I haven't gone so far as to submit an actual bug report. I'd hope that some kind of pattern matching is done, either in DrKonqi or by the Bugzilla software itself. Which btw. only seems to know release versions.
  Please don't hope -- test it. If the problem is a non-existing release version, fake a released version for testing.
  >> Looking at it, no, you definitely cannot do it like this. You overwrite KDevelop_VERSION_PATCH, which is e.g. exported to kdevelop-config.cmake and will require e.g. kdev-php to depend on "kdevelop VERSION 5.1.80-24-g5623457794"...
  > I wasn't sure about that because I can find no evidence that this version is exported in a headerfile or .cmake file. What did I overlook?
  >  Is it safer to rewrite just the full version string (and would it be acceptable/safe to include the 'v' in there - if not it can be removed in software)?
  >> Also, you run this at build generation time, so if you do a change + commit which don't cause cmake to re-generate the build system, the version number won't change.
  >> Also, as said, this will just cause the build to fail on Windows.
  > How many bug reports do you get that are generated automatically on MS Windows (via DrKonqi or the built-in bug reporter)?
  There's no DrKonqi on Windows. But people are using the bug reporter. Not that it matters in this discussion though. We'd like to have cross-platform solutions.
  But that point is now moot anyway, now that you use that CMake module.
  > I see 2 options, presuming that the feature is deemed of interest:
  >  1 exclude MS Windows, which would make it possible (or simpler) to write something that always updates the full version string
  >  2 don't a helper script, execute git directly from the CMake file to rewrite just a full version string used by KAboutData, and do the required post-processing in main.cpp
  > With option 2) it would be the developer's responsibility to take care of regenerating the version string, for instance by removing $build.dir/kdevelop-config.h in post-commit and post-fetch hooks. We could even provide instructions for that.


> main.cpp:378
>      aboutData.addCredit( i18n("Matt Rogers"), QString(), QStringLiteral("mattr at kde.org"));
> -    aboutData.addCredit( i18n("Cédric Pasteur"), i18n("astyle and indent support"), QStringLiteral("cedric.pasteur at free.fr") );
> +    aboutData.addCredit( i18n("C�dric Pasteur"), i18n("astyle and indent support"), QStringLiteral("cedric.pasteur at free.fr") );
>      aboutData.addCredit( i18n("Evgeniy Ivanov"), i18n("Distributed VCS, Git, Mercurial"), QStringLiteral("powerfox at kde.ru") );

Unintended change.

  R32 KDevelop


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