D7745: KDevelop (full) project parsing: defer until all projects have been loaded.

René J.V. Bertin noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Nov 24 15:22:16 UTC 2017

rjvbb added a comment.

  >   And I have an SSD. Would be curious what the user experience is for setups with poor I/O file storage, e.g. with plain old hard discs or network-mounted filesystems. Is there anyone who could report it?
  /me. My main Mac work disk is a (fast...) HDD with significant free space fragmentation, my Linux work disk is an SSHD but uses ZFS (with a low-end CPU). I concur completely with the Murphy reference and I'd add that it's not only always the project of interest that loads last, but that the wait is also always the longest (and not just perceptually) when you want it to be as short as possible.
  Project import isn't only I/O bound; IIRC I saw significant CPU being spent on regexps corresponding to the project filters, the few times I profiled import.
  Then there's memory: the parser is among what takes up most RAM which doesn't help if your system is already stressed like mine often are (and 8Gb is the minimum I work with).


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