D6342: Add more typehints to arguments in PHP

Matthijs Tijink noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jun 28 09:26:42 UTC 2017

mtijink added a comment.

  I do not have commit rights, so could you submit it for me? I can supply the two diffs (in two new revisions? Or one here and a separate one?).
  Additionally, I was thinking it is useful to move the typehint code to a helper function: it's already used in two places here. Return typehints, which I also plan to add, also need this code.
  Actually, php does not have any of the type hints in its grammar. I guess they distinguish between classes and other typehints at a larger stage. We could do that there too, if preferred.
  About `callable`: as far as I found, the DUChain only supports function types like `int (float, string)`, whereas `callable` accepts //any// function, so no signature is known.

  R52 KDevelop: PHP Support


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