D6316: Add codecompletion from embedded structs

Mikhail Ivchenko noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jun 25 19:21:17 UTC 2017

ematirov added a comment.

  If I do that inside
  block and retrieve internal context of base type by
  then it's nullptr.
  Same goes for decl->internalContext() there.
  After some lookup I found that there are 2 declarations added somehow with same qualifiedIdentifier.
  Also, looks like it my added test visitTypeSpec is somehow called twice thus in first call declaration is present once and it doesn't  contain internal context and in second call there is 2 declarations where first one still doesn't have internal context and second have one.
  I'll look more into that tomorrow. Thank you for your advice!

  R59 KDevelop Go


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