Rust support: We've just found a KDevelop Cargo plugin!

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Tue Jul 11 21:46:35 UTC 2017

On Tuesday, 11 July 2017 23:45:28 CEST Kevin Funk wrote:
> Heya Miha,
> for your interest: As you me know we have a Google Summer of Code student
> working on KDevelop Rust integration. I'm wondering if the KDevelop plugin
> for Cargo you've created is something worth integrating into our kdev-rust
> plugin?

Forgot the original kdevcargo repository link:


> Maybe you'd like to share a bit more information about your plugin?
> Our student Emma (IRC nick: xstyle, CC'ed) is working on kdev-rust. See an
> introduction of what she's up to at the following address:
> We've just created a kdev-rust repository on KDE infrastructure. Maybe
> you're interested in following the development, too?
> If you'd like to move your project on KDE infrastructure or want to help
> integrating it in kdev-rust, check out the following link how to contribute:
> Thanks,
> Kevin

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