Rust support: We've just found a KDevelop Cargo plugin!

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Tue Jul 11 21:45:28 UTC 2017

Heya Miha,

for your interest: As you me know we have a Google Summer of Code student 
working on KDevelop Rust integration. I'm wondering if the KDevelop plugin for 
Cargo you've created is something worth integrating into our kdev-rust plugin?

Maybe you'd like to share a bit more information about your plugin?

Our student Emma (IRC nick: xstyle, CC'ed) is working on kdev-rust. See an 
introduction of what she's up to at the following address:

We've just created a kdev-rust repository on KDE infrastructure. Maybe you're 
interested in following the development, too?

If you'd like to move your project on KDE infrastructure or want to help 
integrating it in kdev-rust, check out the following link how to contribute:


Kevin Funk | kfunk at |
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