D6184: restore horizontal scrollbar in the project manager plugin

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  Aaron Puchert wrote on 20170708::22:25:18 re: "https://phabricator.kde.org/D6184: restore horizontal scrollbar in the project manager plugin"
  > ... and another level might have indentation //n//. That doesn't make it easier to orient.
  Let's be clear, I don't think one uses the projectmanager to do complex navigation in which you need to an overview of the entire tree layout in front of your eyes. Rather, you navigate a project with it, the general layout of which you presumably know rather well. In my own typical use I tend to work mostly in isolated subparts of a project, where I find it very useful to be able to align the project tree inside the toolview so that I have the most effective view of the contents where I can access the files directly.
  I agree that the structure of the KDevelop project itself (KDevPlatform included) is particularly complex which probably stresses any project manager to its limits.
  >   There is a reason why most PDF viewers scale to the width of the window. There is a reason why web pages are written to adapt to the width of the browser view.
  2 different applications, and both type of applications usually provide both keyboard and/or touchpad zooming + scrolling (and more and more webpages seem written to use the entire width of my screen without taking window width into consideration ... and the browser doesn't even provide a scrollbar).
  >   I'm aware of the tricks, but I don't think it's wise to make users having to learn them.
  The same applies to the tricks required to figure out how to see the entire filename, or have them resize the toolview continuously.
  As to setting up the touch/trackpad, I think that's something we should assume that users will have done so the equipment works "optimally" for them.
  As far as I'm concerned that includes having disabled horizontal 2-finger scrolling if that doesn't work for them, because that same feature will cause the same trouble everywhere if you cannot master it.
  Still, I'm trying to write a wheel event handler that will filter out the horizontal component from the events unless we know they come from a scroll wheel. For now I have managed only to achieve the opposite :-/
  FWIW, I didn't want to propose making this a configuration setting, but apparently that's where we headed.
  And note that this whole discussion applies to scrolling with a touchpad. Users with a mouse with a scroll wheel don't have this problem; the wheel scrolls in 1 direction at a time only (on Mac the system or Qt generates horizontal scrolling when using the wheel with the Shift modifier).

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