D6184: restore horizontal scrollbar in the project manager plugin

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Sat Jul 8 22:25:21 UTC 2017

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  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D6184#122970, @rjvbb wrote:
  > > In these cases you don't want horizontal scrolling, because it destroys the alignment that helps the user orient. Which is especially important in source code, or a directory tree.
  > ?? Who said my change implements per-line scrolling? The whole view is scrolled, just like in a text view where alignment is also not "destroyed" as you claim. Wrapping is much more detrimental to orientation.
  I completely understand your proposal. I was trying to say that if I'm scrolling horizontally, the alignment //on the screen// is destroyed. So if one directory level is //n// pixels indented, and I'm scrolling a bit, the level might have an indentation of //m// ≠ //n//, and another level might have indentation //n//. That doesn't make it easier to orient.
  There is a reason why most PDF viewers scale to the width of the window. There is a reason why web pages are written to adapt to the width of the browser view. All of this is to avoid horizontal scrolling.
  Let's not discuss wrapping here, since it is irrelevant to the change in question.
  > I agree scrolling is very sensitive, it might be possible to do something about that via an event filter. You get used to it though, and use of a touchpad under Linux requires a bit of patience setting things up correctly (and even then it won't work as well as a Mac touchpad does). There's a trick too if you're using 2-finger scrolling: just scroll a tad towards the left to keep the view left-aligned. Or use the scrollbar...
  I'm aware of the tricks, but I don't think it's wise to make users having to learn them.
  > Would it be technically feasible to toggle from one mode to another by pressing a modifier key?
  I'd even argue for only showing the completion. The full path of a file is probably rarely required. Also, since I can't copy-and-paste from tool tips, it's not that helpful anyway.

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