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kfunk added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D3673#76450, @zwabel wrote:
  > Hi, sorry that I'm late on this, but this is wrong.
  > The outline is ment to be a more compact view of the file, sorted in the same way. That means, if you click into the outline, the current function is selected in it, and you get an overview of the surrounding. For example, you can press CTRL+ALT+N, up-arrow, enter, to jump to the function above. Sorting completely breaks this.
  Hmm, I never felt the urge to do this actually.  *Might* be useful for some people , but definitely not for all. See below.
  > Such a sorted list does not belong into the outline, but rather into the quick open widget at the left side of it. It would naturally fit there, being just like "CTRL+Alt+M", just with a new "Scope" called "Current File". Btw. I noticed that the selection of scopes in Quickopen was broken at some point. If it wouldn't be broken, a very similar functionality would already be available in Quickopen, by selecting "Currently Open" for "Scope", and "Functions" for "Items".
  IMO we shouldn't overload the Quick Open widget with even more functionality, it's already complex enough as-is.
  What about just making the sorting optional in the outline and add a push button at the below the list view? There are already combo boxes in Quick Open, so  it shouldn't be difficult to add. Note we already have similar functionality in the outline *tool view*, where we can toggle sorting by simply pressing a button.

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