Fix for CI needed: Running tests before install

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Wed Aug 30 04:12:04 UTC 2017

Am Montag, 21. August 2017, 12:10:15 CEST schrieb Kevin Funk:
> Heya,
> with David Faure's latest change in ECM, it's now theoretically possible to
> run tests even without installing the project:
> -make-install
> The CI adapted to this, and now runs the test step before the install step.

Though chance is CI adapted not properly yet. And changed the order of running 
tests and installing also for products where it should not have yet:

Reason is that code in ECM to support running tests uninstalled right now is 
only triggered by some "find_package(ECM x.y.z)", with x.y.z >= 5.38.0

Cmp. the
KDECMakeSettings.cmake#n252 , where ${ECM_GLOBAL_FIND_VERSION} is from

And that find_package of ECM with 5.38.0 is something only the KDE Frameworks 
repos do right now. Where other projects, like kdevelop, are fine with less 
recent versions (kdevelop master only expects ECM 5.14.0 as minimum).

Chance is the hint for a scope on the requested build steps order change for 
CI "For frameworks only, for now." in was missed by CI maintainers.

I now replied to that thread pointing to this, let's see what their reply is.


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