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Panagiotis Follas work.pfollas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 23:17:30 UTC 2017

​@Kevin: I have started creating the manual of the kdevelop 5 based on
kdevelop4 manual pages.

I need to be more familiar with the wiki syntax, first. It will take some
time  and a lot of edits in the wiki pages.

   - But my first step is to copy  all the kdevelop 4 manual and update the
   links to pages for version 5 and add pictures for windows too.
   - Second step update the wiki based on the docbook 4. So everything is
   synchronized and from that point the wiki will be the latest document.
   - Third step Update the contents to be valid for kdevelop 5. Maybe some
   sections will not applied to the kdevelop5.  At this step I will start
   questions at the kdevelop channel so bare with me. ;) I am a light user of
   Kdevelop 4, with C++ only.I will need help for other languages too.
   - Fourth step look back the big picture and see what improvements can be
   made so a newbie (like me) can start coding with the Kdevelop 5 either he
   is on Window or Linux. In this step I would recommend adding reference
   manual, and "how to.." sections with a lot of examples. I want the beginner
   user to have a plethora of examples and a well good structure guide. Maybe
   also rename "manual" to "guide". So at the end the user will have

* Guide ( an instruction book that start from beginning and goes to
advanced level of use cases actually this is the current manual 4. Maybe
rename it and improve it. )
* Reference manual (this will be a document that explains every corner of
the software and options, and it is searchable.)
* How to... sections. (Small use cases from beginning to advanced
scenarios. Good resource here is the kdevelp.forum.)

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