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Francis Herne mail at flherne.uk
Mon Aug 14 22:20:36 UTC 2017

On Monday, 14 August 2017 22:03:19 BST Panagiotis Follas wrote:
> Hello, my name is Panagiotis.
> And I would like to help the Kdevelop team with the documentation. But my
> first question is how to start contributing in the kde documentation page.
> Is there a structure? Should I follow the kdevelop 4 manual?
> And I am not familiar with some of the functionality of the kdevelop 5 so
> should I ask here any help ?
> cheers,
> Panagiotis

(based on an IRC conversation)

Currently there are two very-similar versions of the documentation:
 - On the UserBase wiki:
 - The docbook format in the source tree:

The docbook was generated from the wiki pages, but has been edited a few times 
since then.

I think the best option is to update the wiki with all useful changes from the 
docbook version, then use it as the primary version and regenerate the docbook 
as needed.

 - The wiki is the most publically-visible version (thanks to Google).
 - There's a tool to convert wiki->docbook, but not afaik in the other 
 - The wiki is much easier to edit, whereas the XML-and-git-commits process 
for docbook updates will scare off non-coders or casual contributors.


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