D7061: Improve search in documentation view: kate-look, hide on ESC, live search

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kossebau added a comment.

  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D7061#132805, @brauch wrote:
  > Looks good to me -- I think we should try to make the search more discoverable though, IMO in the navigation bar up there it looks like it is a global search (i.e. not on the current page). All the other buttons in that bar are for navigation between pages, just this one is for navigation inside the page.
  Agreed. No instance idea how to improve that though.
  On Chromium and Firefox the search action is in the action menu and also triggerable by key shortcut.  Given that we cannot have a key shortcut currently, moving the search action into another menu makes it more cumbersome to activate. For a start we should though at least put it also in the view context menu, which BTW seems currently broken, in not being ours. Will look into fixing that menu now at least.
  Qt Assistant has the search button on the toolbar as well, but actually positioned away from the navigation tools, and also menuentry-texted and  tooltipped with "Find in Text...". Guess that is something to follow, will give a try.


> brauch wrote in standarddocumentationview.cpp:186
> a bit unconventional naming, I'd simply go for something like "updateSearchPattern"

Changed it at least to "searchIncremental" which seems more like commonly used lingo, cmp. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incremental_search

Idea with the naming was to describe the action that is done here. Would agree it still can be improved, but have no clear concept of the whole logic pattern, so lousy at naming, agreed.
Right now I would perhaps name it "updateIncrementalSearch"... perhaps something to improve the next time someone overhauls that code.

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