D6903: [Feature] Enable per-project setting of source formatters

Kevin Funk noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Aug 5 08:57:51 UTC 2017

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  Rest LGTM. Feel free to commit after fixing up; no need for another review round.


> projectconfigpage.ui:22
> +       <property name="buddy">
> +        <cstring>kcfg_useDefault</cstring>
> +       </property>

Just use a check box instead?

So this gets a: `[ ] Use default` instead of `Use default: [ ]`

> kdevsourceformatter.json:5
> +        "Name": "Source Formatter",
> +        "Description": "",
> +        "Icon": "text-field",

Description should be provided; it's for the Loaded Plugins dialog.

> sourceformatterselectionedit.h:2
> +/* This file is part of KDevelop
> +*  Copyright (C) 2008 C├ędric Pasteur <cedric.pasteur at free.fr>
> +   Copyright (C) 2017 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau at kde.org>

Minor: Indentation/style looks a bit odd in the license header.

> sourceformatterselectionedit.h:53
> +private Q_SLOTS:
> +    void deleteStyle();
> +    void editStyle();

In order to make this a proper pimpl'd class you need to remove the private symbols as well. Can be done in a separate commit though

> sourceformatterselectionedit.h:67
> +private:
> +    SourceFormatterSelectionEditPrivate * const d;
> +};

Minor: `QScopedPointer`? :)

  R33 KDevPlatform



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