Review Request 126685: Add zoom support for documentation view

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Sun Sep 18 17:45:13 UTC 2016

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(Updated Sept. 18, 2016, 5:45 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop.


This is the implementation where the two larger navigation widgets are in the top row and all the tool buttons are in the bottom row.
I prefer this version over the swapped-rows one.
The relevant screenshots can be found in my old google drive links: kdevelop-documentation-view-screenshots/2-rows-icons-at-bottom-no-separators/ and documentation-find-no-text-screenshots/

This review request is unpopular because of its UI clutter and implementation complexity with breaking KDevPlatform API changes.
So I'm going to provide yet another implementation of the zoom feature in a new review request in a few days or weeks.
This time I plan to:
  1. Place the three new actions into a QWebView context menu to avoid UI clutter.
    One disadvantage is that repeatedly clicking a zoom button would be more tedious in this case.
  2. Save zoom factor on a per-view basis.
    Since the documentation fonts differ a lot, it may be useful to have different zoom factors for each documentation provider.
    This will hopefully allow a simpler implementation without complex dependencies.

 - Ctrl+0 is already occupied by another action (Open Configuration...).
   Besides this shortcut would make more sense for the code editing widget than for the relatively insignificant documentation widget.
   I'll hopefully be able to allow setting custom shortcuts to all 3 new zoom actions.
 - This particular implementation (mouse scrolls, tool buttons and QWebView::setZoomFactor) can not be easily adapted to allow changing font family.
   You could introduce this functionality later (using QWebSettings I guess).
   I don't think that it is possible to implement the font configuration functionality for all KDevelop views at once.

Repository: kdevplatform


Add zoom support for documentation view

Diffs (updated)

  documentation/CMakeLists.txt ff57e258ab5c62ce737c4013005247d585e87b61 
  documentation/documentationview.h c7a0822767c1f535527dbf8830e5dc70fd2f818a 
  documentation/documentationview.cpp a927ab65ae83e3eaf10cfe99a8570eed5c65c53c 
  documentation/documentationzoom.h PRE-CREATION 
  documentation/documentationzoom.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  documentation/standarddocumentationview.h 3f429752032be6fa2b0b49fb3094f7bf31a28367 
  documentation/standarddocumentationview.cpp a9185fd592771f9ead7d4216e08f8c93abab601a 
  interfaces/idocumentation.h 7673e5fe58ab736d864328b0c8c6b087b197867b 



Built, installed, run tests.


Igor Kushnir

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