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> I suppose that at least part of the shared functionality could go into the
> host app (KDevelop) instead of having to be duplicated in each debugger
> plugin.
> Or it can be a shared library with an initialisation step that does its
> actual work only once.

Currently debugger/common is used as a static library by gdb and lldb
plugin. I'll see if it's viable to change it to a dynamic library and have
some kind of static initialization function there.

> Or via a submenu (Run/Attach to Process/...). The debugger/common code
> (library?) could set up the parent menu actions, deactivated as long as no
> debugger plugins register the feature, and debugger plugins could register
> themselves (and subsequently appear in the sub menu) if they provide the
> attach or examine core feature. Shouldn't be too complicated to implement,
> and it gives a nice direct interface that's just a bit more subtle than
> multiple menu actions all "with debugger XYZ" in their title.

As long as two plugins have a common place to do one-time initialization,
it would be easy to implement whatever method.

I suggest keep only one menu item, and have the plugin read from some
global launch configurations in "Run/Configure Launches...". So it's
consistent with existing debugger related settings.

Users could select what debugger to use and a few other options when
attaching to process, just the same as he would when debugging a normal
project target. This also solves the problem of customizing debugger
executable path when attaching to process.

> an interface that's clearly shared (there are not 2 debugger toolbars as
> far as I can tell, for instance). That suggests the feature sets will be
> largely identical.

The debugger toolbar is provided by kdevplatform, and is shared among all
debugger plugins (including other languages).

I did get the impression though that the lldb plugin does at least as good
> a job at displaying the values of key Qt object types as the gdb plugin
> does.

Thanks to formatter scripts ported from gdb and fully adapted to lldb's API

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