KDevelop BoF at Akademy

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Tue Sep 6 09:55:05 UTC 2016

Here's the notes we took.

    * Feedback on 5.0 release
        * Release as soon as possible (one/two week-ish)
        * Fix remaining deadlocks this week
        * Features lost during 4.x -> 5.x transition
            * Create new variable helper
        * AppImage again for 5.0.1
    * Clang integration
        * Signature assistant
        * Assistant speed response (esp. the implementation helper)
            * Modules (give it a test spin, LLVM build already
provides those module maps)
            * Stability
            * Document for people who need it for their projects
            * CMake macro to autogenerate it
        * Implementation helper problems
            * Puts the return type twice
            * Loses information of the function signature
(virtual/static/const) -- bug reports exist
            * Add include helper could use polishing
        * Include path completion (not proposing existing includes)
        * Add include helper (not working)
        * Olivier: Fixed a few parsing problems in Clang 3.9 (Clang
now still parses a function body even if the function signature does
no match)
        * Olivier: Slowdown by typo correction?
        * Better debugging infrastructure (dialog with code model information)
            * Need to persist more information during parsing for that
(e.g. the parsing environment)
    * Future UI improvements
        * More usability testing
        * Hide build output if no error (just show the progress bar
for instance)
        * Show shortcuts in toolbar buttons
        * Better multi-screen support (idea: cloning of main area)
        * Cheat sheet for KDevelop shortcuts
        * Shortcut duplications (e.g. F9 is ambiguous with code folding)
            * Kevin checked this the day before
            * Possible solutions
                * Show a dialog right away to select which action the
shortcut should execute -- but: needs patches inside Qt's shortcut
                * Prefer the action of KDevelop instead of any of the parts
                * We should get debug information about the duplicates
so we can know about these statically
    * Windows
        * Basically works
        * Deadlocks on exit because of dbus things
            * Being worked on upstream Qt
        * Release as soon as possible, also with a blog post
explaining the development setup (Emerge)
    * CMake
        * Tobias Hunger from QtCreator fame doing great work on the
CMake server in CMake upstream
        * We should
            * Support him in upstreaming the patches
            * Check if the features he implements are usable for KDevelop
        * Use as soon as it upstreamed (-> maybe GSoC material?)
        * How to deal with old CMake (backwards compat)
    * QML/JS
        * Aleix: Sometimes not updated/reparsed?
        * Sync qmljs lib  from QtCreator (last update: 11 months ago)
        * More C++ integration
            * GSoC?
        * Performance could be improved
    * AppImage
        * Improve, release again for next KDevelop release
    * Workflows

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