installing from git and translations from release?

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Sep 2 12:16:58 UTC 2016

René J. V. Bertin wrote:

> BTW, has this been tested in an OS X build of the release version?

So, translations also do not work in the 5.0.0 release code. At least not when I 
build and install the code and the language files separately:

- code: remove the last 2 lines from the toplevel CMake file, build, install
- translations: remove everything from the kf5sysguard dependency up to the 
feature_summary line, build, install.

FWIW, looking at my ~/.config/kdeveloprc I noticed a few lines at the very top 
that are lacking a category:

Height 768=769
Width 1366=1122


That's not normal, right?


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