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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Jun 20 13:58:07 UTC 2016

On Monday June 20 2016 15:25:28 Christoph Cullmann wrote:

This is off topic, but

> are you aware that with "resurrecting" the X11 backend on Mac you double the required testing
> for any frameworks application on Mac?

Don't overestimate this.

For now the Xcb QPA has no official Qt support on OS X. Even if that ever changes (which is not impossible and would not be "my doing") that doesn't mean that there has to be official support from KDE.

If the Xcb QPA does get official support I'll make sure to request that Mac-specifics like AA_DontSwapCtrlAndMeta and AA_DontUseNativeMenuBar are initialised appropriately (i.e. both true with the Xcb plugin). Those 2 attributes are the only things I sometimes change when a KDE app doesn't behave well under X11 on OS X (applications like Kate that have a show menubar toggle don't need to touch AA_DontUseNativeMenuBar).

Except for a few exceptions Qt applications do not need to care what QPA is in use as long as they do not themselves use backend-specific features through the Qt*Extras frameworks. From what I've seen Apple-specific features "degrade gracefully" when you use the Xcb QPA. QFileOpen events simply aren't delivered, the systray feature behaves as if there is no systray, there is no Dock tile (icon) so Dock menus or even my Dock tile progress bar don't appear, etc.

I have hacked together a patch for KWindowSystem as a personal sunday afternoon exercise, but apart from that I do not build any application any differently when I want to use it under X11. I simply start the existing BundleExec with `-platform xcb`.

After I first started using a KDE desktop on Linux I looked a bit at building KWin for use as my X11 window manager on OS X. That's a dream I've given up on long ago.


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