Review Request 128201: statusbarprogresswidget::m_pButton: use WA_LayoutUsesWidgetRect instead of setMaximumHeight

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Thu Jun 16 22:30:32 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDevelop.


I'll find some time tomorrow to check if the effect is the same on Linux as on OS X when I use Qt's XCB QPA (= X11). I've attached some screenshots made in that mode.

This also made me realise we'll have to unset the `WA_MacMiniSize` attribute; see the Mac/native screenshot without the patch. Maybe I didn't notice this before because something changed in Qt 5.6.1 which I just installed today. Either way, the button is just not high enough with the original code and the native macintosh theme. It becomes a bit oversized without WA_MacMiniSize, but at least it aligns properly with the progress bar which I don't get otherwise.

Repository: kdevplatform


I came across this old bit of code, judging from the use of the deprecated `Q_OS_MAC` token. 
Some quick testing suggests that using `WA_LayoutUsesWidgetRect` achieves what I think is the intended effect without platform-specific code. (That platform test ought really check for using the `macintosh` widget style btw, rather than "are we running on OS X").


  shell/progresswidget/statusbarprogresswidget.cpp 1a32ea8 



For now only on OS X, with the native theme as well as QtCurve, Breeze and Oxygen.

File Attachments (updated)

Using XCB on OS X: QtCurve
Using XCB on OS X : Breeze
OS X/Mac native
OS X/Mac native *without* the patch


René J.V. Bertin

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