Review Request 128012: Check for an existing out-of-source build dir

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Jun 3 09:22:22 UTC 2016

Kevin Funk wrote:

> I also think the custom script is overkill. We should just default to sane
> default paths.

So I'll revert this to checking for an existing out-of-source build directory 
parallel to the source directory, because that's definitely a sane path.

> +1 for discarding this idea. Sorry, Rene.

I'll just keep it as a distribution patch.

As to Milian's
> Who would ever write such a script?

That's a bit of a surprising question to ask re: IDE users, don't you think? If 
this were some kind of convenience utility or a silly game then yeah, who would 
consider using that software when their needs require "advanced" stuff like 
writing simple little scripts. (= No one would write such a script.)
For an IDE the answer would probably be: anyone who is in a situation where s/he 
needs to comply with rules on how their work environment is configured and which 
don't correspond to the current default. I've been in a workplace where we had 
our source on a server, but evidently the build directories were local to reduce 
network overhead. It's easy enough to think of any number of other reasons to 
have your source and build directories on different devices. Those are settings 
in which it can be pretty convenient to have some means of telling your IDE 
exactly what your local "sane default paths" are, with a script instead of a 
source level patch.


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