Review Request 127113: WIP: Attempt at dropping Plasma Components usage

Aleix Pol Gonzalez aleixpol at
Fri Feb 19 12:16:11 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


I started working on it, left it half-way.

I saw people are looking into this, decided to publish in case somebody wants to push it. Otherwise I will at some point.


  plugins/welcomepage/qml/Develop.qml 29e167d 
  plugins/welcomepage/qml/GettingStarted.qml 71525a8 
  plugins/welcomepage/qml/Heading.qml 182781f 
  plugins/welcomepage/qml/Link.qml 844e223 
  plugins/welcomepage/qml/area_code.qml 30a901b 
  plugins/welcomepage/qml/area_debug.qml 65b1e47 
  plugins/welcomepage/qml/area_review.qml a6fc540 
  plugins/welcomepage/qml/plugins/Branches.qml 2222604 
  plugins/welcomepage/qml/plugins/Projects.qml ba91645 




Aleix Pol Gonzalez

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