Kill the splash screen, finally?

Sven Brauch mail at
Fri Feb 19 01:26:34 UTC 2016


On 19/02/16 01:35, Kevin Funk wrote:
> * cold cache with splash: 3444 ms (until entering event loop)
> * cold cache without splash: 1159 ms
> * warm cache with splash: 1551 ms
> * warm cache without splash: 769 ms

I can reproduce this, but I think most of it is due to the
initialization of the QML stuff being delayed until the main window
shows up (i.e. once it's counted into the startup time, once it's not).
The time from launching the process to the main window with the welcome
page showing up only differs by 100-200ms here (determined by
stopwatch), although Kevin says he observes a larger difference. Due to
this it doesn't seem too urgent to me to remove the splash out of
performance considerations (at least not while welcome page / assistants
load all the QML tail anyways).

But if you want to remove it, it's fine with me as well.


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