Kill the splash screen, finally?

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Thu Feb 18 21:15:21 UTC 2016


I've just measured KDevelop's startup performance a bit (got annoyed by the 
slow startup).

I just killed around ~500 ms(!) [2] of startup delay [1] b/c the welcome page 
loaded its QML page synchronously (sic).

I could kill another ~500 ms(!) (no joke) by removing the splash screen.

Before (with splash):
[kdevelop(6424)/( unknown(0): Done startup - took: 1891 ms

After (without splash):
[kdevelop(4888)/( unknown(0): Done startup - took: 1332 ms

Reasons for removing the splash:
* Delays startup unnecessarily
* The splash screen is still broken in some configurations:
  I'm seeing a white ~10 px border on the right for instance. I won't work on 
fixing this...
* It's 2016, splash screens are kind of out of fashion.


[1] Startup delay: I measure via an elapsed timer in app/main.cpp, from 
entering main() to entering the main event loop. No scientific profiling, otoh 
in this case *time* is the only thing which matters. We want to enter the main 
event loop as fast as possible.

[2] Measurement: Started a fresh KDevelop instance 3 times for each test 
cycle, used the average time taken.

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