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On Thursday, 29 December 2016 12:14:54 CET KDevelop wrote:
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> Hi!
> Kdevelop is great!
> But without sftp him benefit is less :(
> How to enable sftp and edit remote files?


we're not shipping the KIO SFTP client in the Windows package.

This would mean we have to ship the kio-extras package, which we don't at the 
moment. I just tried to build kio-extra and use the KIO SFTP slave, but I'm 
not entirely works as expected.

After installation of kio-extras, it's easy to try on the command-line, using 
DebugView to watch the output:
  kioclient5 ls sftp://demo:password@test.rebex.net:22

On Linux this gives me:

On Windows, there's no output whatsoever. Could be that kioclient5 is buggy, 
or the SFTP slave. Didn't investigate further.

If you want to play around yourself, you can build the whole stack using KDE's 
Craft package manager on Windows:

Then just:
  craft kio-extras kde-cli-tools

... and try to make this work:
  kioclient5 ls sftp://demo:password@test.rebex.net:22

If that's working we can try to ship kio-extras as well, giving you access to 
more KIO slaves.

Hope that helps,

Kevin Funk | kfunk at kde.org | http://kfunk.org
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