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Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN ovidiu.b13 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 13:13:47 UTC 2016

Thank you for the feedback, and revision approval.

I'm trying to learn more about embedded programming. I have some experience
with Arduino, and trying to program some MCUs using my Arduino board as a

I find the embedded programming to be very Windows/VisualStudio centric,
and I don't like that. That's why I'm glad this plugin exists.

I'd like for this plugin to be more user friendly, especially for
beginners, and for it to follow the KDE Mantra: Simple by design, powerful
when needed.

For that I'd like to better understand the current direction the plugin is
headed, and I propose that we set up a workboard for it, and keep the
backlog in there, instead of the readme.

There are many things about embedded programming I still don't know, and
I'd like to learn about them while working on this project.

Can I set up a Phabricator project for this plugin?

*Ovidiu - Florin BOGDAN*
GeekAliens.com <http://ovidiu.geekaliens.com>
Kubuntu România <http://kubuntu.org>

2016-11-30 20:55 GMT+02:00 Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN <ovidiu.b13 at gmail.com>:

> Hello, thank you for the reply.
> I've looked a bit through it and tried to compile it, but ran into some
> issues, so I made a patch: https://phabricator.kde.org/D3551
> Please give me some feedback.
> *Ovidiu - Florin BOGDAN*
> GeekAliens.com <http://ovidiu.geekaliens.com>
> Kubuntu România <http://kubuntu.org>
> <http://www.google.com/profiles/ovidiu.b13>
> 2016-11-30 1:57 GMT+02:00 patrick JP <patrickelectric at gmail.com>:
>> Hello Ovidiu,
>> Ty for your interest in KDev-Embedded !
>> Yes, the project seems abandoned, I am completely out of time to work on
>> it,
>> but in two or tree weeks I will be back.
>> Right now the plugin work with avrdude and openocd to deploy the binary,
>> already tested with Arduino nano, mega, uno, and two ARM based boards
>> with ocsp and jtag.
>> If you would like to talk with me you can use #kdevelop or my personal
>> mail.
>> Best regards,
>> ps: ty for the cc Sven !
>> 2016-11-29 19:37 GMT-02:00 Sven Brauch <mail at svenbrauch.de>:
>>> Hi,
>>> On 11/29/2016 09:18 PM, Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN wrote:
>>> > What's the status of the kdev-embedded plugin?
>>> > https://phabricator.kde.org/source/kdev-embedded/
>>> >
>>> > I see it has 3 branches. One empty, one seemingly abandoned along the
>>> way
>>> > and master.
>>> >
>>> > I'd like to contribute to this project, at least with some testing if
>>> not
>>> > more. I can't find Patrick's email address.
>>> CCing patrick on this. His email address should be in the commit log ...
>>> Greetings,
>>> Sven
>> --
>> Patrick José Pereira
>> 10° Fase de Engenharia Eletrônica
>> Site: www.patrickjp.com
>> Skype: patrickelectric434
>> +55(048)9917-4777 <+55%2048%209917-4777>
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