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Kevin Funk kfunk at
Mon Apr 18 07:51:39 UTC 2016

On Sunday, April 17, 2016 10:26:56 PM CEST Rahul Shinde wrote:
> Hi Developers,
> I noticed that there is no proper documentation for how to setup the
> development environment for KDevelop. So if you all allow I would like to
> write a step by step documentation for the process. I know there is one
> blog written by Kevin Funk for the same but most of the new developers who
> are willing to contribute are not aware of it. And also it is always better
> if we keep project documentation in the project itself and keep it
> up-to-date.
> Please let me know. I am really willing to work on it.



(which, unfortunately, isn't linked from and friends yet, since 
above article got moved to this place just recently)

Feel free to improve this article!


> Thank you.
> *Sincerely,*
> *Rahul Shinde(530) 566-4698 *
> *rshinde at <rshinde at>*

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